Internet Marketing Agency – Brand Photography Refresh

Web Windows is a marketing services company based in Peterborough. They wanted images featuring real employees in their offices. There was a specific brief to make the images look bright and not like a typical office with a low false ceiling and fluorescent lights. They also wanted the employees to look as natural as possible, avoiding more formal staged shots.

Using up to 6 studio heads per shot with very large 1-2m softboxes and umbrellas we overpowered the ambient lighting and completely change the look and feel of the space on camera. 

As anyone who has either taken photos or had their photo taken knows, the easiest way to make someone look and feel completely uncomfortable is to sit them in front of a screen, shove a camera in their face and say ‘try to look natural’! We work hard to relax people but we also try our hardest to make it look seamless.

For this job, we gave the subjects a print of a well-known cartoon character and asked them to try to redraw the image on the screen. It may sound simple, but it was a fun task which made them smile and meant that they were concentrating on something other than us. We even made it into a competition with a prize and so the shots with two people looking at the screen are genuine (friendly) arguments over whose efforts are better.

The final images really convey a light, airy office space with relaxed happy employees and the customer was very happy!