EE Wembley Cup – First live event broadcast with remote production over 5G

The EE Wembley Cup is an annual football match played at Wembley Stadium in London by YouTubers. For the 2018 tournament, a 5G mast was installed at Wembley by EE and BT Sport used this to run the first ever live broadcast of a sporting event using remote production.

That means that the camera operator wore a backpack with kit that transmitted the signal over the 5G network back to the BT Sport studios in Stratford where the gallery produced the show rather than the signals being cabled back to an outside broadcast truck. As it was a world first, BT Sport wanted to tell the story including live demonstrations at a broadcast industry conference happening that week and multiple journalist interviews.

We filmed multiple activities across several days along with still images including the main press / PR shots. We also produced nearly 20 different edits, many in real or ‘near-real’ time.