360 degree Product Photography for BT Mobile

Like most photography, 360 degree product shots (sometimes called ‘product spins’ or ‘rotations’) are easy to do quickly and badly but not quite so easy to do well…

BT Mobile wanted to offer their customers an innovative view of new phones on their website and approached us to do product 360s. That may sound easy but when we started to research phone 360s, all we could find at that time were some very basic attempts with switched off screens and phones resting against perspex stands, obscuring part of the view as the product is rotated.

Product photography can sometimes get a bit ‘Blue Peter’ and, through a process of experimentation, we discovered that the best way to get a completely unobstructed view of the phone was a combination of cut down charger and headphone cables and dismantled drill bits! Beyond that, it was challenging balancing the flash lighting and managing reflections with a screen that’s basically a mirror.

For something that looks so simple it was a real technical challenge to do well.