TV & Film Photography – Promotional


We regularly shoot images to promote shows and for use in TV listings and guides. Our TV & film images feature regularly in regional and national print / online media and also on catch up services such as the BBC iPlayer.

Whether it’s a classic ‘dive in and get the chat show hosts and guests’ or something more set up, we understand the importance of working quickly on set and with minimal fuss. We know that the moment the director gives the ‘all-clear’ after a long day shooting, the talent and crew will want to run away quickly and so we need to be efficient!

We work constantly in advance with production managers and then on the day with floor managers and assistant directors to ensure smooth logistics when we capture TV and film production stills.


For promotional shots, it’s not always possible to take the talent away to a separate photography studio to get everything perfect ‘in camera’ and so we often plan our TV & film shoots around tight time and location constraints. For example, we built a temporary 10 metre-wide studio set complete with backdrops and lighting to accommodate the six presenters and four-foot tall letters for a shoot to promote BT Sport’s new look Premier League football coverage. To get all the group shots and each individual presenter’s shot took less than 20 minutes with the talent in total. Of course it took us a bit longer to build the set-up, light and test everything!

After retouching in the background, we soon had a fantastic final image.