TV & Film Photography – Production stills


Nothing captures the moment like an image taken whilst a show is on air or being recorded. It’s normally fairly obvious when show images have been shot during rehearsals (look for water bottles or scripts!) or faked purely for the stills photographer.

However, moving around a multi-camera shoot without distracting the talent or getting in the way of the crew isn’t easy. Add to that the facts that lighting is often less than ideal for stills cameras and even the slightest noise is detectable on sound stages and it makes shooting production stills a tough gig.


We use Nikon pro DSLRs and lenses in acoustic blimps. The Nikons are especially well suited to low light photography and the acoustic blimps eliminate virtually all noise. We also understand the behind the scenes ‘ballet’ of quick camera moves and how not to get in the way. Especially for live shows, there’s usually only one chance to capture the action and so we would normally attend the technical rehearsals to make sure we know where to stand and shoot (and where not to stand). There’s no greater recipe for disaster than turning up 5 minutes before a live show or pre-record and expecting everything to go smoothly…

We get consistent, high quality results because we leave nothing to chance!