TV & Film Photography – Graphics

Images for TV graphics usually need to be shot to very specific artistic and technical requirements and then turned around fast for broadcast. We have provided many athlete, official and talent shots for graphics for ITV, BBC, and BT Sport and national and international sporting federations such as the International Hockey Federation and GB Wheelchair Rugby.

We understand the peculiarities of TV graphics like lighting the subjects so they stand out from the background and providing slightly softer versions for small use so faces don’t look over-sharpened on TV screens etc.

Often the toughest thing about shooting for TV graphics is the logistics of covering a lot of people in a short time and then providing high quality cutouts to exact templates in a very quick timeframe. It’s easy to do bad cutouts quickly. We provide the speedy service without compromising quality. When you’re shooting 50 or 60 people an hour, you have to have a smooth and efficient workflow. Reference shots are crucial to ensure images can be correctly renamed to include things like team, player and kit details. Our record, although it was for a corporate event rather than TV graphics, was over 600 corporate headshots in 45 minutes and we had three photo stations running with a post office style queuing system!

We have a proven track record of delivering and we work with trusted partners to ensure speed and quality in areas such as cutouts.

We were recently asked by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to produce player shots for on-screen graphics as part of the broadcast of the 2016 Champions Trophy tournament in London.
hockeyheadpsd hockeyteam
Sound simple? Here’s the reality…

  • Twelve teams of 20 players and coaches had to be shot in specific time windows over two 14 hour days.

  • Each player had to be shot four times (home and away kits plus reference shots with name cards).

  • The files were then renamed based on team and player details and the images were cut out overnight to provide transparent backgrounds.

  • Each cutout was then cropped and re-sized for both head and upper-body shots to fit precise TV graphics templates and sent off to the broadcaster.

  • There were also about 30 umpires and officials… and some set up shots with the team captains to promote the tournament…

  • The biggest challenge was the tight turnaround. Final graphics files had to delivered within 24 hours of the shots being taken!

That all adds up to quite a technical and logistical challenge.

The FIH needed a seamless service and the broadcast schedule left no room for delays. For time critical jobs like this, we have backups of kit and also stand-by services lined up as appropriate. For this job, given the time constraints and volume of images involved, we had backups of the backups just in case!

“We were really pleased with the flexibility and quality of the end-to-end service from C1. We needed a safe pair of hands for our broadcast graphics images and I’m really happy that we got that with C1."
- Rupert Rumney (Broadcast Manager, FIH)