TV & Film Photography – Behind the scenes

Website_tvfilm_003We often shoot ‘behind the scenes’ when, for example, journalists visit TV shows. It’s not practical to have multiple photographers crammed into OB trucks or location sets and so we shoot the activities and supply the images on a pool basis – often with an immediate turnaround to support print and online deadlines.


When letting cameras into your live production environments, you need to know that you can trust the photographers to take care of the little details like blurring emails on laptop screens and the contents of post-it notes or call sheets which are in shot etc. We spend a lot of time and effort (usually in cars or at motorway services!) editing the images with those little details in mind. Our regular clients trust us to pay attention to these things and it dramatically speeds up image approval and distribution.

Above all though, we strive to provide shots which capture the atmosphere and give a real feeling of being there, behind the scenes. The images have to work for both our clients (the broadcasters / production companies) and also the media. Often that means balancing subtle branding with news or editorial style images. Our behind the scenes images feature regularly in regional and national media.