Commercial & Brand Photography

We are experienced commercial photographers. The term ‘commercial photography’ is often used as a general catch-all for any images which aren’t wedding or baby shots! For us, commercial photography is about helping our clients bring their products, services and brands to life through images. Our brief is often to try convey concepts and emotions rather than a straight product or advertising shot. For example, we have produced images featuring pregnant women, children and older people for healthcare service providers. Many companies will then use these as internal stock images for presentations or marketing materials etc.

We can work with your brand / marketing team or creative agency to help you get your desired results. Alternatively, for many of our customers, we provide a full end-to-end service helping them to refine their requirements, providing the art direction and producing the images to fill the brief.


BTFS is a facilities services company which provides a range of building and estate management services to corporate customers.

We were asked by BTFS to help them develop a library of images which showed the wide scope of services they offer.

They wanted the marketing images to show that in addition to the usual cleaning services that everyone thinks of when ‘facilities management’ is mentioned, BTFS also covers such diverse areas as fire testing, engineering, office furniture, tree surgery, catering and even wormeries to compost food waste !

Image style was important as the client wanted ‘light’ images, almost editorial in style which showed their staff's friendly, professional manner. For each composition, we delivered a variety of portrait / landscape images, wide shots and close-ups and also where possible with clear space for text and graphics for print / online use. Some images were also shot with specific uses in mind (e.g. letter box format for website headers etc) and also stylised with specific treatments in post processing to give more variety.

In short, it was a complete image library refresh and we shot a number of activities across multiple sites, eventually generating approximately 300 diverse images for future use.
webwindowsWeb Windows

Web Windows is a marketing services company based in Peterborough.

They wanted images featuring real employees in their offices. There was a specific brief to make the images look bright and not like a typical office with the usual low ceilings and fluorescent lights. They also wanted the employees to look as natural as possible, avoiding more formal staged shots.

Using up to 6 studio heads per shot with very large 1-2m softboxes and umbrellas we overpowered the ambient lighting and completely change the look and feel of the space.

As anyone who has either taken photos or had their photo taken knows, the easiest way to make someone look and feel completely uncomfortable is to sit them in front of a screen, shove a camera in their face and say ‘try to look natural’! We work hard to relax people but we also try our hardest to make it look seamless.

For this job, we gave the subjects a print of a well-known cartoon character and asked them to try to redraw the image on the screen. It may sound simple, but it was a fun task which made them smile and meant that they were concentrating on something other than us. We even made it into a competition with a prize and so the shots with two people looking at the screen are genuine (friendly) arguments over whose efforts are better.

The client was very pleased with the results and has returned for updated shots as and when new people join the business.