How Much Does A Corporate Video Cost?

When ‘business’ meets ‘creative’ in the world of corporate video production, it would be lovely to think that it’s all about the vision and quality and that cost is a distant third! However, cost is always a factor and sometimes, it’s the most important factor.

Video production is just like most other goods or services in that there’s a range of suppliers available – from students to Hollywood productions… Assuming you’re looking for something in the middle, here’s our quick guide to the top 5 questions you should ask in order to do a like-for-like comparison of suppliers.

  1. Exactly what will you get? (What length do you need / they recommend? Is there a similar reference video they’ve shot before? Will the video include graphics? How polished will it look? What style of licenced music will be used?)
  2. Does the cost include a storyboard and pre-meeting so you can agree content in advance?
  3. How many edit revisions are included in the price so you can feed back any changes required?
  4. How many people in the crew and how many filming days? (Is one person doing everything or is it a multi-person crew? If it’s a noise environment, do they have a dedicated sound op? Does the supplier have spares for key pieces of equipment?)
  5. Will the supplier handle all the logistics? (Do they have all the necessary licences and insurance? Will they deal with any risk assessments / method statements / other paperwork?)

It’s possible to spend nothing on video content by filming on your phone and posting content online. It’s also possible to spend tens (or hundreds) of thousands of pounds on a high-end production. The reality is that most businesses will want at least some professionally shot and edited video content at some point. For the best results in what’s always partially a subjective discussion, just make sure that you’re comparing like-for-like offerings by asking some of those basic questions.

For a more comprehensive guide to video cost drivers, see