The Value Of Video On Business Websites

One of the most repeated truisms in business is ‘people buy from people’. It’s impossible to personally meet every potential customer who browses your website but one way to communicate who you are and what you do is through video.

Try googling something like ‘what percentage of business websites use video?’  You’ll see as many surveys with statistics showing video is a good idea as there are companies that produce video. If you’ve read this far, we’ll assume that you think video is basically a good idea… but you may not be using it.

We did our own unscientific poll asking some contacts why they’re not using video to promote themselves or their goods/services. Here are the top three answers:

  • “We could never afford it.”
  • “I’m not going in front of a camera.”
  • “It’s on the list… but not a priority.”

What we’d say:

  • “Have you ever asked for a quote? There are suppliers at all price points out there; as with anything, aim for high quality at a reasonable price.”
  • “Fine – but your customers you are the person they are going to meet and the main usp that your company has!”
  • “Why not try a simple ‘toe in the water’ and test results? It might change your priorities!”

For a guide to video cost drivers, see