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5 Tips for Great Sports Event Photography

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5 Tips for Great Sports Event Photography

C1Media is one of the leading photography and video production company in the UK. Thanks to our high-end equipment and team of passionate professionals, we can help take your image quality to the new level. Our expertise lie in capturing intense, emotional and excited moments of sports events. Even though subjects are rapidly moving, our photographers know how to keep up.

We Can Predict Where the Players Will be Next

Owing to our years of experience in sports event photography, we can predict the next move of the players or where they will be next. This helps us to stay ahead and plan our shots in advance. Even in fast-moving sports, our team is always one step further.

Our Captures are Up Close and Personal

Our team always arrive early at a sporting venue to find a good spot, which is close to where the action is happening. We make sure to click a player or players up close so that the sweat on their brow, determination on their face and mud on their clothes can be seen. We even capture photos of groundskeepers and such other officials to give a feeling of authenticity to the overall event.

We Shoot Photographs in Bursts to Avoid Hazy Images

We understand that timing individual shots is not possible, especially during a fast-moving sporting event. This is why, we shoot in bursts of 3 or 4 photos at a time. We also carry with us equipment, such as monopod and tripod. We make sure that the images we click are not blurry and every detail is crystal clear.

Our Photos Contain Pictures of the Crowd

The crowd plays an important role in setting the right atmosphere at any sporting event. Photography of sports events can never be complete without capturing few photos of the supporters. We usually turn 180 degrees to get few pictures of the crowd and their reactions. These photos give out raw emotions that makes for really awesome event photography.

We Get to Events Early, Leave Late

At C1Media, we are adept at taking event photographs and taking them to another level. There are some amazing photographic opportunities even before any on-pitch action starts and we always arrive at the venue early to capture those moments. We click the sense of anticipation before the match begins and the sense of euphoria/disappointment after the match ends and one side wins while the other loses.

If you want us to shoot any sports event, do not hesitate to contact C1Media.