Do’s and Don’ts to take the Perfect Headshot

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Do’s and Don’ts to take the Perfect Headshot

When you are looking to hire a professional, one of the first things you would probably do is google the firm to see what they looked like. Similarly, when a potential client is thinking of partnering with you, they google you too to see what the people behind your company logo look like. Hence, it is important to pay attention to your corporate headshots. Cropping your face out of a group photograph is the worst thing you could do. It is better to hire a professional photographer to assure that you put your best face forward. Here are a few dos and don’ts to take the perfect headshot:

Do Dress Professionally

A headshot on a company website speaks not only of the individual’s personality but also of the company ethos. If you want to be taken seriously, put a little effort into your appearance and dress smartly.

Don’t Wear Loud Prints

You may be a very vivacious person but leopard prints and bold checks are a serious no-no for professional photographs. Patterns have a tendency to get outdated quickly and hence solids are often preferred.

Do Choose a Clutter-free Backdrop

Traditionally, headshots were taken against a plain vignette but today. Many people choose to be photographed against more ‘active’ backdrops. This largely depends on your company policy. When picking a location for such photographs, look for a backdrop that is interesting and yet not too distracting. Most importantly, pick a location where you feel comfortable.

Don’t Be Too Expressive

Finding the right balance between a professional expression and one that expresses your personality is crucial for a good headshot. Ideally, maintain a simple, professional pose and express yourself through subtle cues instead of load gestures. Looking straight into the camera while the rest of your body is slightly turned to the left or right is one of the most preferred poses.

Do Smile

Your headshot should make you look professional yet approachable. Hence, don’t forget to smile. Avoid looking too serious or aggressive as this can create a negative vibe and make people fear you.

Don’t Use Outdated Photographs

As you age, the way you look changes. People should be able to recognize you by looking at the photograph. Hence, always pick the most recently taken photograph and if you do not have one, get a new one clicked. The experts at C1Media has the experience and expertise to ensure that you get the best corporate headshots. Talk to us to know how we can help you.