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What are the Stages of Video Production?

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What are the Stages of Video Production?

In the age of smartphones, anyone can make a video but making a good video may not be everyone’s cup of tea. A good video is not only well shot and free from blurs but also has a good script and connects with the audience. Thus, if you want to make a good video to market your products and services or tell people about your company, you should work with a reputed video production company. When it comes to video production, one name that stands out is C1 Media.

There are three stages to making a video; Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Ideally, you should work with the same team through all the stages of production.


Whether you’re making a 5-minute video or a longer film, every project at C1Media begins with pre-production. This stage begins as soon as an idea is conceptualised and continues until shooting begins. Pre-production involves research, writing the script, creating a storyboard, casting for actors, securing locations, preparing props and wardrobes and planning the actual shoot schedule. Thus though pre-production has little glamour, it is a very important stage and cannot be compromised with. At C1 photography you could either work with a script created by your creative team or give us the vision you have for the video and let us take over from there.


This is where all the fun is. Production involves shooting the video and seeing the script and storyboards come to life. The videographer plays a key role in this stage as he is responsible for composing the scene and framing it but production is not always a one-person job – An appropriate crew will be put together to suit your needs.


C1Media’s job is not over once the shooting is complete. All the footage captured must then be edited and colour corrected to flow together seamlessly. This is the stage where background music, graphics, and special effects are added. A post production team will also enhance the sound and dialogues in the video to ensure that they are clear and audible. One of the most crucial functions of the post-production team is to ensure that a video does not drag and is as crisp as it can be.